ColorfulMart Gray Grey Flannel Japanese Floor Futon Mattress. Sleeping Mattress, Tatami Mat, Japanese Bed Roll, Foldable Roll Up Mattress, Rolling Bed Shikibuton. Queen Size

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Colorfulmart Gray Grey Flannel Japanese Floor Futon Mattress Sleeping Mattress Tatami Mat Japanese Bed Roll Foldable Roll Up Mattress Rolling Bed Shikibuton Queen Size

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This flannel futon mattress is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It's able to be rolled up to keep in closet and rolled out right on the floor to sleep on. It makes for an efficient use of living space and storage, easily to move. This 2" thickness tatami mat is perfect to sleep on floor. Moreover, it can be used in multi purposes such as picnics, visitors, children playing games, taking a rest, massage, yoga, exercise.... You can use this sleeping pad in any efficient places, such as guest room, living room, exercise room, patio, studio, dormitory, mobile house, massage studios and also bring it with you in your car when going to anywhere.

How to Clean a Futon:

1. Rotate the Mattress
Rotate your futon mattress regularly will keep it from developing sink spots and give it a longer life. When you first purchase your futon, rotate the mattress on a regular basis during the first 30 days to ensure optimal weight distribution.

2. Get Rid of Surface Stains
Use a damp washcloth, warm water, and mild laundry detergent to remove any unsightly surface stains. Avoid soaking the mattress; too much moisture can lead to mildew.

3. Deodorize
Unfold the futon so the mattress is flat and sprinkle baking soda over the mattress. Let it sit for about an hour while the baking soda absorbs odors, then vacuum it off. For a deeper cleaning, you may be able to use a steam cleaner to deodorize your futon.

4. Air Out the Mattress
Leave your futon unfolded without a cover or any bedding for an hour or so. This will give the mattress time to air out. You can also use a fan to help circulate the air while you're airing it out.

5. Vacuum
Vacuuming your mattress on a regular basis throughout the month will help keep it free of dust and dust mites. If you leave it folded up in the sitting position while you vacuum, make sure to get in the cracks with the brush attachment.

- Size: 150cm x 200cm (59.1" x 78.7") | Thickness: 3~5cm (1"~2")
- We compress this item when packing, so it needs 2~3 days to restore the normal thickness after you open the package.
- Top Layer: 100% Flannel | Mid Filling: Microfiber | Bottom Layer: 100% Polyester Fibre
- Craft: Reactive Printing, Quilting, Flocking | Style: Surprise, Gift, Christmas, Dorm, Indoor, Outdoor
- Care Instruction: Do Not Wash, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Lay Flat to Dry

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    16 January, 2021

    Jeremy Robinson

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    15 January, 2021

    Patrick Smith

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    15 January, 2021

    Joel Moore

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  • 	Aidan 	Taylor
    15 January, 2021

    Aidan Taylor

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  • 	Jonathan 	Miller
    15 January, 2021

    Jonathan Miller

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ColorfulMart Gray Grey Flannel Japanese Floor Futon Mattress. Sleeping Mattress, Tatami Mat, Japanese Bed Roll, Foldable Roll Up Mattress, Rolling Bed Shikibuton. Queen Size
starstarstarstarstar-half 4.7 out of 5 stars
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